Monday, February 13, 2012


Greetings from the Ivy Film Festival!

This year, our screenplay staff is sponsoring a new initiative, the SEVEN-DAY SCREENPLAY COMPETITION, which will challenge undergraduate- and graduate-level writers to develop and submit a short script in the span of a week (February 13 – February 20, 2012). Writers will be expected to respond to a prompt, sent out on the first day of the competition, asking them to integrate a number of different elements into their scripts (a specific line of dialogue, character type, setting, etc.). Submitted screenplays will be judged based on successful implementation of these elements as well as overall story quality.

There will be a fifteen-page limit on accepted scripts, and no page minimum. Unlike official Ivy Film Festival screenplay competition, undergraduates and graduates will not be judged separately.

Submission is FREE, although writers may choose to simultaneously submit their seven-day scripts to the official Ivy Film Festival screenplay competition, for the listed submission fee on Withoutabox. Thus a single script could potentially win both the seven-day competition and the official competition.

Interested parties may email prior to the start date of the seven-day competition. At midnight on February 13, we will release the prompts on the competition’s Facebook page, as well as send them to the writers that have previously contacted us via email, and the competition will begin. Scripts should be submitted electronically to the above email (or to Withoutabox if they are to be considered in both competitions) prior to midnight on February 20.

The prizes are as follows:

First Place: $150

Second Place: $50

The winning screenwriter will also receive an all-access pass to this year’s Ivy Film Festival, to be held in mid-April.

Details for the official IFF competition are as follows:

Students can electronically submit their screenplays for consideration in the 2012 screenplay competition until our final deadline of February 20th, 2012, through A link to our account can be found on the Ivy Film Festival website The screenplay competition is currently accepting both short-form (under 30 pages) and feature-length screenplays from undergraduate and graduate students. Submissions may be in any genre, and the finalists will be judged by name writers in the industry. Winners will receive a cash prize.

All finalists will be notified and invited as VIP guests to the festival, which will be held in mid-April. We will provide them with housing, meals, tickets to film screenings, and passes to special networking events, panels and parties. We hope that screenwriting students will be able to attend the festival, and that these events will help make screenwriting one of the more visible and exciting aspects of the Ivy Film Festival this year and in years to come.

Please do not hesitate to contact screenplay co-coordinators Mike Makowsky & Andrew Singer with further questions or concerns at