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Pasadena/Los Angeles - Consejo Fronterizo de Arte y Cultura (COFAC)/ Border Council of Arts and Culture, located in Pasadena, California and Tijuana, B.C., Mexico was awarded a grant by the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) Transnational Cultural Remittances (TCR)/ Ford Foundation Grant to create the Casas Arte Home Intervention Project in Highland Park, in collaboration with Kathy Gallegos, Director, Avenue 50 Studio, Inc. Additional support was provided by The Marmion Way and Avenue 56 Neighborhood Watch.

The Casas Arte Home Intervention Project involves the implementation of a 'home as a canvas' upon which international artists collaborate to paint original designs on the building's facade. The Community is invited to attend the "Casas Arte 'First Phase' Completion Event" on Saturday, March 19, 2011 at 4:00 p.m., between Avenues 54 and 55 on Marmion Way along the Metro Gold Line corridor. This Event provides an opportunity to meet and commune with members of the Zuniga family who reside in the home, representatives from COFAC and Avenue 50 Studio, international artists Julio Orozco, Jennifer Gutierrez Morgan, Daniel Ruiz and documenter Kavita Sharma. Attendees will experience the painted design, chosen by the family, on the home's exterior that was customized to respect and enhance the architectural integrity of the structure and incorporate homeowners' family history, stories and memories.

The impact of the Casas Arte Home Intervention Project will help to increase community awareness, beautify homes, and become a lightning rod to open up new spaces for community members and Gold Line riders to connect with each other. The project's goal is to reveal the vibrance of these homes and encourage a sense of pride for both family and community. The short-term goal is to create a second "Casas Arte" home in Highland Park this year along the Gold Line corridor, and subsequently, to build a critical mass of eight (8) additional homes in the future. Comments made about the project include:
"Beautiful! This is fabulous!!!"
"I took the Gold Line last week and saw the house. It's beautiful and so refreshing to see."
"I saw the mural at Highland Park metro stop! Cool! And colorful! Feels good."
"I love the creativity coming into the neighborhood."

Consider taking the Metro Gold Line to the Highland Park station and walk a few short blocks west on Marmion Way to join the gathering on March 19th.

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