Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FilmForum screenings

The Academy Awards are this Sunday, but if you aren't trying to watch all the nominees before the ceremony, there's quite a few things, including at least three interesting events tonight (Tuesday). Try to make at least one. And if you don't want to watch the Oscars, try to check out the highly-regarded Iranian film GESHER at UCLA. No Filmforum on this Sunday. We'll be back March 6 with the class HART OF LONDON.

-- In Focus: The Humorous: Recent Video Art from Israel, Japan and Mexico, Tues Feb 22, 8:30 pm, at REDCAT

-- The Pan-African Film Festival, Feb 16-23, with Thunder Soul on Tues Feb 22 at 6:30 pm, at the Culver Plaza Theater

-- Rick Bahto/Mark So, Tues, Feb 22 at 8 pm at the wulf

-- Playtime in 70mm, Thur, Feb 24, 7:30 PM, at the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian

-- The Mother And The Whore, Thur Feb 24 @ 8:00pm at Cinefamily

-- PERSONAL ETHNOGRAPHIES, an evening of short video portraits, live music, and libations, Fri, Feb. 25, 8:00 p.m. at the ECHO PARK FILM CENTER

-- Oscar-nominated Live-Action and Animated Shorts, Friday Feb 25, at the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian


-- UCLA CELEBRATION OF IRANIAN CINEMA, Continuing until Feb 28, 2011
including GESHER, Sun Feb 27, 7:00PM

-- The Artist Theater Program: A Group Show of Film and Video Work by Visual Artists, Mon Feb 28, 8:30 pm at REDCAT

-- Los Angeles Filmforum presents HART OF LONDON, by Jack Chambers, Sun March 6, 2011, 7:30pm, at the Echo Park Film Center

-- The Birdwoman and Her Dreams: Animated Works by Nancy Andrews, March 8, 8:30 pm at REDCAT

-- Pro Tempore: Recent Video Work From Roman Signer, and Symmetry/Gates: 3D Modeling, Digital Animation and Contemporary Collage through the Eyes of 15 international Artists, until March 11, at Young Projects at the PDC

In Focus: The Humorous
Recent Video Art from Israel, Japan and Mexico
Tuesday Feb 22, 8:30 pm

Three consulates, each with a rich tradition in Los Angeles, join together to present an array of video works from their respective nations, curated by Paul Young in association with Gabriel Ritter and Yoshua Okon. Exploring both differences and commonalities, this program places a special emphasis on the humorous to reflect upon its lineage within avant-garde circles and its particular importance to a younger generation of contemporary artists, many of whom are responding to the current state of political, economic and ecological upheaval through levity. With approximately three short works from each region by established and emerging artists alike, the program generates laughter from situations more nuanced than vaudevillian, and often in the service of larger thematic, political or formal concerns. A short discussion led by Paul Young on humor in contemporary art practice follows the screening.
The Pan-African Film Festival
Feb 16-23
Mostly at the Culver Plaza Theater
9919 Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles 90232

Thunder Soul
Tuesday Feb 22, 6:30 pm
Back then it was afros and James Brown. Platform shoes and Parliament Funkadelic. The 70s were upon us and history was about to be made at an inner-city high school in Houston. Charismatic band director Conrad "Prof" Johnson would turn his school's mediocre jazz band into a legendary Funk powerhouse. Thirty-five years later, his students return to their old band room, dust off their instruments and prepare to pay tribute to the man who changed their lives. Although some have not seen each other or played in decades, they are determined to show the now 92-year-old Prof and the world that they've still got it and never forgot it!
Rick Bahto/Mark So
Tuesday, February 22 at 8 pm
the wulf. 1026 South Santa Fe Ave #203, Los Angeles

Rick Bahto: Sparse Gardens (2010). Performance for 35 mm Kodachrome slides and cassette tape. Two types of gardened spaces common in Phoenix are compared visually and sonically: the fussily landscaped strips and islands of parking lots and driveways, and vacant lots, bulldozed clear of buildings or natural desert that have been re-inhabited by weeds or rogue/remnant landscaping plants.

Mark So: Girls on the Run (Other dreams.) [readings 37] (2010) [Ashbery series]. Performed by Mark So, Kate Brown, Tuni Chatterji, Dave Hughes, Rick Bahto, Pablo Valencia, Julia Holter, Mari, Madison Brookshire, and Cat Lamb.

Dessert reception.
in 70mm
American Cinematheque at the Egyptian
Thursday, February 24 – 7:30 PM
6712 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90028

70mm Print! PLAYTIME, 1967, Janus Films, 126 min. Dir. Jacques Tati. Monsieur Hulot is on his way to contact an American official in Paris, but he gets caught in a tourist invasion and roams around the city with a group of American tourists, causing chaos in his usual manner. In true Tati fashion, we are shown Paris as a stylish maze of mid century modern architecture filled with the latest technological gadgets.
The Mother And The Whore
2/24 @ 8:00pm
at Cinefamily

One of the greatest films of the French New Wave was actually made years after the movement's "golden years" -- in 1973 by Jean Eustache, a figure on the fringes of the Cahiers group. One of only two narrative features Eustache left behind before his suicide in 1981, The Mother And The Whore is a stone cold masterpiece, and the epitome of a certain kind of French cinema: an epic four hours of young Parisians sitting in cafes or in bed, smoking, listening to records, talking about sex and relationships, all filmed in B&W (of course). Nouvelle vague icon Jean-Pierre Léaud plays opposite doe-eyed and lost Françoise Lebrun and gorgeous, knowing Bernadette Lafont in an emotionally scarring, unmoored post-May `68 love triangle, flanked by a panoply of Eusatche's deep cinematic references; all three are brilliantly committed to their roles, and Eustache directs with supremely assured discretion. The literate, naturalistic dialogue was rigorously scripted from real-life conversations, and the ménage à trois drawn from Eustache's own relationships with Lebrun and his girlfriend -- who tragically committed suicide upon on seeing a rough cut. Totally absorbing, totally affecting and totally unmissable. A major film experience.
Dir. Jean Eustache, 1973, 35mm, 217 min.
an evening of short video portraits, live music, and libations
Friday, Feb. 25, 8:00 p.m.
at the ECHO PARK FILM CENTER 1200 N. Alvarado, Los Angeles 90026


Personal Ethnographies is an assembly of up-close depictions of friends and colleagues, both homemade and collected. Many of the subjects happen to be figures from the world of independent cinema, including portraits of or by Wendy and Shirley Clarke, Andy Lampert, Jonas Mekas, Sid Laverents, and the cast of Killer of Sheep. Also peppered in are informal glimpses and rare documents of LA's cultural landscape, including the subCacophony Society, Nora Keyes, Center for Land Use Interpretation, Listing Ship, and Monotrona.

The evening will then morph into a music party with live performances by the illustrious Laura Steenberge, the Here and Now (aka Echo Park Film Center's own Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo), and John Shaw!
Fri, February 25 • 7:30pm
The American Cinematheque presents all of the 2010 Oscar-nominated live-action shorts
American Cinematheque at the Egyptian, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.

Fri, February 25 • 10:00pm
The American Cinematheque presents all of the 2010 Oscar-nominated animated shorts
American Cinematheque at the Egyptian, 6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Saturday, February 26 – 8PM
@ THE EPFC ANNEX, 1821 Tyburn St., Glendale
(213) 484 - 8846 |

View the first anniversary premiere screening of INSTEREO, a synchronistic image exchange project by Ursula Brookbank and Christine Alicino. Daily images were captured via iPhone and atmospherically transmitted resulting in 365 unforeseen pairings. A live sound track performed by Emily Lacy will accompany the images. The evening will also showcase a variety of sights and sounds embracing notions of synchronicity and telepathy. Reception following.
Continuing until Feb 28, 2011

Sunday February 27 2011, 7:00PM*
(2010) Directed by Vahid Vakilifar
Winner of the Black Pearl Award for Best Narrative Film by a new director at the 2010 Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Vahid Vakilifar's first feature portrays the lives of migrant laborers in the Persian Gulf region. Following its subjects with documentary-style observation, Vakilifar depicts their labor, recreation and environment with an elegance and stateliness befitting the story of trans-national migration, of which they are a part.
HDcam, 84 min.

Monday February 28 2011, 7:30PM
Please note program change: Tehran Tehran, originally scheduled on Sunday, February 20, is screening tonight.
(2010) Directed by Mehdi Karampour and Dariush Mehrjui
This anthology film in two parts opens with "The Days of Acquaintance," directed by Dairush Mehrjui, in which an ordinary family takes a zany, whirlwi.nd tour of Tehran's famous sites to pass the time after their house caves in. In director Mehdi Karampour's "The Last String" members of a rock group struggle amongst themselves to find a way forward after their upcoming public performance is cancelled by government authorities.
IN PERSON: Mehdi Karampour, Mohammadali Hosseinnejad.
35mm, Color, TRT: 101 min.
The Artist Theater Program:
A Group Show of Film and Video Work by Visual Artists
Mon Feb 28 | 8:30 pm
$9 [students $7, CalArts $5]

Los Angeles theatrical premieres
Film/video/installation artist Erika Vogt curates this group screening, inviting visual artists and filmmakers to present their work within the context of a theatrical exhibition venue. In contradistinction with the conditions offered in traditional art spaces-such as the loop, indefinite time, and the itinerant and indeterminate audience-the program opens a dialogue between divergent communities of active makers that have historically overlapped. The screening includes works by artists such as Math Bass, Madison Brookshire, Shannon Ebner, Alice Konitz, Adam Putnam, Lucy Raven, Paul Sietsema, James Welling among others, and by the activist group W.A.G.E (Working Artists and the Greater Economy).

In person: Erika Vogt, Lucy Raven, W.A.G.E, Math Bass, Adam Putnam, Madison Brookshire.

Jean-Marie Straub et Danièle Huillet:
Every Revolution is a Throw of the Dice (Toute révolution est un coup de dés)
1977, 11m, 35mm

Alice Könitz:
The Premonition
2010, six minutes 42 seconds, Super 8 on Digital Video

Paul Sietsema:
Analyse d'une Epave
2008, 2 minutes 30 Seconds, 16mm

Adam Putnam:
01 fifties, 2010, :30 seconds
02 cracked infinity chest, 2008, :35 seconds
03 stain, 2009, :55 seconds
04 cave, 2010, :40 seconds
05 collapse, 2010, :18 seconds
06 atmosphere, 2010, :35 seconds

James Welling:
Lake Pavillion
8.30 mins, 2009, digital video
Sun Pavilion
4:30 mins, 2010, digital video

Madison Brookshire and Tashi Wada:
Color Film 5 & Field Organ
16mm film and live music performed by Tashi Wada and Mark So
17 minutes, 2010, 16mm

Math Bass:
P I A N O piano
4:44 mins, 2010 AUDIO CD

Shannon Ebner:
The Man in the White Hat Dropped It
5 mins, 2011, Digital Video

Lucy Raven:
4:3 public access service announcements
10 minutes, 2008, DVD or QT

W.A.G.E Coalition:
Three short video letters and guest appearance by Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.)
Sunday March 6, 2011, 7:30pm
Los Angeles Filmforum presents
HART OF LONDON, by Jack Chambers

At the Echo Park Film Center
1200 N Alvarado St. (@ Sunset Blvd.) Los Angeles, CA. 90026 | (213) 484 – 8846
Note the change in location!

Tickets: General $10, Students/seniors $6; free for Filmforum members
Advance ticket purchase available through Brown Paper Tickets.

As an appropriate preamble to next week's fantastic collection of films exploring landscape & nature by Canadian filmmakers, Filmforum is delighted to present the rarely-screened masterpiece Hart of London by Canadian artist Jack Chambers.

Hart of London (1970, 16mm, color, sound, 79 min)

"A landmark in Canadian avant-garde film, Jack Chambers' magnum opus works and reworks the 1954 trapping and killing of a deer in downtown London, Ontario, until it comes to seem a grand metaphor for the destructive cost of civilization. The methodology recalls Brakhage, Bruce Conner, and Vertov—the film has a powerful brooding quality all its own." – Jim Hoberman, Village Voice,

"Jack Chambers is one of Canada's most famous and greatest living painters. Why then have his films been as neglected as they have been? I feel that it is because his films do not arise as an adjunct to his painting (as is true in the case of most other painter film-makers) but that, rather, Jack Chambers has realized the almost opposed aesthetics of paint and film and has created a body of moving pictures so crucially unique as to fright paint buffery: thus his films have inherited a social position kin to that of the films of Joseph Cornell in this country. The fact is that four films of Jack Chambers have changed the whole history of film, despite their neglect, in a way that isn't possible within the field of painting. There are no 'masters' of film in any significant sense whatsoever. There are only 'makers' of film in the original, or at least medieval, sense of the word. Jack Chambers is a true 'maker' of films. He needs no stance, or standing, for he dances attendance upon the coming-into-being of something recognizably new: (and as all is new, always, one must question the veracity of all works, whatever medium, which beseem everything but that truth)." -- Stan Brakhage. Perception is a sensory communication that occurs at a primary level between organisms; through the skin to the core and back through the skin again into the exterior world. HART OF LONDON is that kind of film.
March 8, 2011
Nancy Andrews
The Birdwoman and Her Dreams: Animated Works by Nancy Andrews
Los Angeles premieres
Monday March 8, 2011, 8:30 pm

With characters and stories synthesized from sources including history and autobiography, Nancy Andrews works in a hybrid form that combines research with storytelling, documentary, puppetry, and vaudeville. The program presents a selection of shorts along with two of her latest animated works. Inspired by classic "mad scientist" horror films and research into the physiology of insects, Behind the Eyes are the Ears (2010, 26 min.) features a soundtrack by Andrews and Zach Soares and mixes animation, live action and found footage to follow the revolutionary attempts of Dr. Sheri Myes to expand human perception and consciousness. On a Phantom Limb (2009, 35 min.), with music by John Cooper, invokes the realm of the invisible and takes as its starting point the filmmaker's near-death experience during a harrowing surgical procedure. Andrews is the recipient of awards and grants from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts, among others.

In person: Nancy Andrews
Pro Tempore: Recent Video Work From Roman Signer

and Symmetry/Gates
3D Modeling, Digital Animation and Contemporary Collage through the Eyes of 15 international Artists

Reception: Thurs, January 20, 2011 5:30-8pm
Young Projects
Pacific Design Center 8687 Melrose Ave. Space B210. West Hollywood, CA 90046 323.377.1102

For more information:

Pro Tempore: Recent Video Work From Roman Signer
Young Projects is proud to present a selection of recent video work from the renowned Swiss artist Roman Signer who lives and works in St. Gallen. The exhibition will consist of 15 works from the past decade, each looped, projected and given its own space. This is a unique chance to experience Signer's unique brand of conceptually-driven, spectacular, often playful, 'momentary sculptures'.

A spellbinding foray into painterly digital approaches featuring: Cliff Evans' overwhelming, five-screen, five-channel Empyrean; Evan Roth and Ben Engebreth's White Glove Tracking, which combines the work of 5 different artists (Roth, Zach Lieberman, Jung-Hoon Seo, Tim Knapen, Jonathan Cremieux) reworking Michael Jackson's 1983 TV performance, "Billy Jean;" New York's Matthew Weinstein will present Siam, a journey through a world of talking fish and dancing skeletons; Columbia's 3D master, Santiago Caicedo, will be presenting his latest 3D work, Uyuyui (glasses included), and Daniel Franke (Germany), Roland Schimmel (Netherlands), Candas Sisman (Turkey), and LA artists Audri Phillips, J-Walt, Jim Ellis and Arno Kroner will be presenting a number of new, extraordinary works that blend figuration, depth perception and abstraction with mind-bending ease.
Exhibition runs through March 11, 2011

Part of the Design Loves Art Program
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