Thursday, October 21, 2010

Removing the Mask: Gender in Halloween by Sarah Frantz

When most scholars discuss gender in films, especially horror films, they cannot help but mention Halloween (1978). Halloween inadvertently explores gender roles because of the nature of the killings. The deaths in the film occur after the young teens have sex. Whether the intent was to or not, the film depicts sex as a dangerous act. Since the killer is male, the female victims are focused on in this film. The girls are being killed because they have had sex; they are fighting against the traditional norms of society that states that women must be wives and mothers.

I chose this film because it’s a classic horror film. It is one of the first to be examined under the gender lens. My cinematheque presentation will focus on gender and sexuality in this film but the opening scene is an interesting look at family. Also, Dr. Loomis becomes something of a father figure to Laurie in the film, which is an interesting dynamic. I will mostly discuss the women in the film being killed after sexual activity and how they are being punished for not following tradition values. I will reference how other films seem to follow this very conservative moral view as well, even very recent such as Scream.

This film fits into my paper, because it examines gender and sexuality. This film is a great example of femininity vs. masculinity. Halloween is one of the first films to have a “Final Girl”, a girl that fights back and in the defeats the killer. Comparing it to later films reveals that Laurie Strode, although she lives, doesn’t really survive. She is traumatized at the end of the film and Dr. Loomis must help her defeat Michael Myers. However, Halloween was revolutionary in its use of a girl that can live at the end of the film. Many scholars point to that fact, that she is the only girl in the film that doesn’t have sex, which is why she survives. A chaste girl is the only girl that can escape the killer’s wrath.

I’m using this film, because it was the first. It’s gender in horror films 101. This film is very straightforward in its depiction of sexuality and gender making is great to analyze. This film says so much in a very short amount of time with very few characters. I don’t want to call this film simple or easy but its basic in many ways. In many ways, I’m using this film because it’s unavoidable. Every article and scholar mentions it and compares other films to it. There really is no better way to describe it than classic.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

College TV Awards Competition Announced

The Future of TV is Now
The College Television Awards is a nationwide competition recognizing excellence
in college student produced video, digital and film production

Successful television professionals spanning four decades
have been College Television Award winners.

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Film Screening

Current German Cinema
October 20 - 24 at the Egyptian & Aero Theatres

Co-presented by the Goethe-Institut Los Angeles.

With the Support of German Films, Lufthansa, Berlin & Beyond/San Francisco, and ELMA (European Languages and Movies in America)

We are proud to present the fourth German Currents Showcase, featuring some of the best German films of the past year. German film has had a rich and varied history. The Weimar era boasted a post-Caligari, pre-Hitler gallery of master criminals, fantastic worlds and pre-noir femme fatales. In the early 70s, a phenomenon known as "New German Cinema" erupted onto our screens, driven by the allegories of Werner Herzog, the road movies of Wim Wenders and the Brechtian melodramas and satiric comedies of Rainer Werner Fassbinder. After the Berlin Wall collapsed in 1990, German producers began generating "hits" that betrayed a lighter touch in their direction and performances. If the films of the New German Cinema were marked by introversion and alienation, more recent German films are extroverted and kinetic, featuring charismatic directorial voices and actors in action.

This year's selections feature a wide array of narrative films and documentaries, from sweeping epics to intimate comedies. These films deftly cover such powerful emotional topics as immigration (WHEN WE LEAVE), aging (AUTUMN GOLD) and abuse (THE SILENCE), but also keep a positive tone, as in delightfully acerbic comedy VINCENT WANTS TO SEA, a German box office hit with young adults. We are also proud to present the first German 3D-animated film, ANIMALS UNITED, inspired by Erich Kaestner's well-known book; the fascinating documentary ROCK HUDSON: DARK AND HANDSOME STRANGER, about the Hollywood icon's seemingly disparate double life; and the epic historical drama POPE JOAN, based on the book by Donna Cross.


Job Opportunity

We especially need a Director of Photography.  You will be shooting with a Canon 5D, Carl Zeiss prime lens, zoom recorder with phantom power.  Director Paul Gervasi, has worked in production/directed multiple music videos with major musical artists(Rihanna, Gaga, J. Johnson, Muse). With his guidance, you will gain experience and add to you resume, while learning on a Feature Film set. 


Non-Union Feature Film :: Currently in Production :: Location: Los Angeles


 Director of Photography (cameraman)
 Production Manager
 Production Assistants
  Boom Operators

Pay Rate: Film Credits, Copy of Film, Meals
Requirements: High-stamina, Available on short-notice, Enthusiastic


Director: Paul Gervasi
Writer: Paul Gervasi
Exec. Producer: Colleen Sullivan Firth
Co-Exec. Producer:
Supervising Producer:
Format:  Digital

This movie is based on the true events of a real L.A. Band.  A Rocky-type story, for anyone that ever had a dream and chased after it; from the dive bars and mean streets of L.A.,  to the Big matter what obstacles, or dire conditions, they never gave up.  Your thoughts are your future.

Director/Musician Paul Gervasi, has worked in production/directed  multiple music videos with major and unknown recording artists.  As founding member of L.A. band - Speedofsound, a four-piece, Nu-Rock group, he and his band are now embarking on their first feature film: CHERRI FUTURE.

The Band :: HERE