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Dear Colleagues:

The Radio & Television News Association of Southern California (RTNA) is pleased to announce that it is offering at least two (2) scholarships (minimum $1,000 each) to college students who are working toward a career in broadcast journalism. Students are eligible if their career objective is broadcast journalism and they are from Southern California. The deadline is November 5, 2010. Please encourage any interested student to apply.

Enclosed in this mailing is the flier announcing the scholarships.

Please post the fliers in your classroom and other appropriate areas. Students may apply on-line at

Applicants must complete and submit their application online no later than November 5, 2010 and other supporting documents as outlined in the online application must be received by mail no later than November 30, 2009. Finalists may be selected and interviewed by a panel of local journalists and media executives. The scholarship winners will be presented their checks and plaques at the Golden Mike Awards Banquet on January 22, 2010.

Thank you for your help and support. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, at 949-278-8349 or


Ernie Castelo
President, RTNA Scholarship Foundation
Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens
Farnsworth Park Ampitheater, Altadena, CA, Oct. 23, and more


PLEASE NOTE: The brides are hopefully searching for voluntary assistance, for both the wedding and the ecosex symposium the day after the wedding, in these areas:

* a lighting designer
* a sound person
* all sorts of collaboration, from food artists, performers, ushers, tech people, production help of all kinds.


Because N.A.S.A. has bombed the Moon prospecting for water...(really!) and
because we are poisoning all of our water here on Earth at an alarming
rate... and because Appalachian Mountains and the ecosystems they support
are being destroyed by mountain top removal coal mining... we will have two
weddings this fall, in order to inspire more love for our environment, as
well as love for each other.

Farnsworth Park Amphitheater, in Los Angeles (Altadena), CA.
Officiated by the venerable Reverend Billy and the Church of Life After
Shopping Choir
SATURDAY, OCT. 23, 201 Gather: 6:00 PM, Ceremony: 6:30-8:00, Reception:


Galbreath Memorial Chapel at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.
Homily by the heroic mountain keeper Larry Gibson
SATURDAY, NOV. 6, 2010. Gather 2:30 PM, Ceremony 3:00-5:00. Reception:

ATTIRE: Please WEAR PURPLE and dress in theme(s) of the wedding:
Water, Moon, Mountains, 6th chakra (third eye,) and the romantic, ecosensual
love of nature.

See Invitation; Artist Statement; Call for Collaborators; and Everything You
Need to Know


We have asked for "no material gifts" for our past eight weddings (all of
which we did in the past five years). The LA wedding will be our biggest
production yet and it will be totally free and open to the public. This
time, we welcome monetary gifts to help us cover some of our production
costs. In exchange you get your name in the program and some cool art stuff
like "Ecosexual" bumper-stickers, a post card sent to you from our
honeymoon, and Annie's panties bronzed by Beth. This is a great way to
collaborate with us and would help to us spread the love, and so easy to do
on our Kickstarter link.


SHOPPING CHOIR will perform
at the glamorous Disney Theater (L.A.). Join us at this uplifting, inspiring
After the wedding they are taking their “Earth-a-lujuah! Earth-a-lujah! Tour
up the coast to Santa Cruz and San Francisco.
Details and reservations at

OCT 24. ECOSEX HONEYMOON SYMPOSIUM at the wonderful Highways Performance
Space in Santa Monica, CA.
Together we will deepen our understanding of what Sexecology and
ecosexuality are all about. Panels, performances, moon pies, and more.


Opening reception of our exhibit at Trisolini Gallery in Athens, Ohio.

Nov. 5- SEXECOLOGICAL WALKING TOUR. Meet at the Pond, Ohio University.

Nov. 12th-Jan 27th. SEXECOLOGY. Purple Wedding ephemera installation at
the magnificent Kennedy Museum.

Dec. 18. OUR ANNIVERSARY. We begin the last year of our 7 year Love Art
Laboratory project. (Inspired by artist Linda M. Montano)

companies, organizations and individuals to get involved.
Thanks to everyone already collaborating with us on this work in progress!
We'll get back to you soon and get all your names up on our web site asap!
For help with this invitation thanks to Tessa Wills (Kickstarter assistance) (our wedding portrait), Lady Monster (production help,)
Femina Potens, and the Center For Sex and Culture.

FOR MORE INFORMATION and to view documentation from our past weddings:

With ecosexual love,

Please do forward and post freely.Find out more at:

2010 IRTS Multicultural Career Workshop

2010 IRTS Multicultural Career Workshop
International Radio & Television Society Foundation, Inc. |
Date:  November 18th & 19th
Location: New York, NY (midtown conference center)
Application Deadline:  Monday, October 11th
WORKSHOP:  Applicants who are selected to attend will:
Ø  Learn about opportunities in radio, television, advertising, and interactive media while attending a full day of seminars during the Workshop’s first day.
Ø  Meet human resources professionals from major media companies at one-on-one meetings during the Workshop’s second day.
Ø  Hone networking skills while meeting a broad range of industry professionals.
COST: Participants attend Workshop events free-of-charge. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.
ELIGIBILITY: Requirements - Juniors, seniors, graduate students and recent graduates with outstanding academic records and extracurricular experience are encouraged to compete for participation in the Workshop.
College Major - You do not need to be a communications major. IRTS seeks applicants who have demonstrated the skills necessary to succeed in a corporate environment, and/or have shown a sincere interest in communications through experience or extracurricular activities. Corporations have a wide range of departments – research, programming, production, news, public relations, sales, marketing, accounting, legal affairs, and creative services. Therefore, they look to hire individuals from many different disciplines.

NOTE: Students who are accepted are required to attend both the November 18th & 19th sessions.
For more information, and to download an application, log on to our website - and follow the link to “College Programs.” You may also click here:
The IRTS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, which brings together the wisdom and power of today’s leaders to train and educate the next generation of media and communication professionals through its many educational programs and diversity initiatives. IRTS programs ensure that our business reaches its highest potential in this exciting digital age.

Southern California Council on Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) conference

The Southern California Council on Undergraduate Research (SCCUR) conference is a celebration of undergraduate research efforts, scholarly activities and creative work. Student participants from colleges and universities in Southern California present their recent and ongoing projects in the  fine arts and performing arts, business, humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, and mathematics. Oxy students are traditionally the largest contingent of presenters at SCCUR.  All students involved in research or creative work in any discipline are encouraged to submit an abstract and present their work at this conference, either as a poster or as an oral presentation.

This year, SCCUR will be held at Pepperdine University on Saturday, November 20, 2010.  The Undergraduate Research Center will pay the registration fees for student presenters who register by November 1. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS IS OCT. 4, 2010.   We can pay only for those who actually attend the conference and present.

Students should discuss their presentation with their research mentor, and then go to the website at: to submit an abstract.  Please be sure to read the abstract instructions carefully before submitting your abstract.  After you are notified that your abstract is accepted, you will need to register for the conference.  Watch for an email from the URC explaining how to register so that the URC will pay your fee.

We are very proud of our undergraduate research program and hope you will join in showcasing it at this conference.

Internet Marketing/Social Media/Graphic Design Internships

1. Internet Marketing Internship

Participate in the launch of several new web-based software products! Learn how to leverage the power of the Internet to generate buzz, bring in traffic, and build respected brands.

We are looking for an intern to join our team of entrepreneurs and work side-by-side with our marketing coordinator.  Tasks may include: 
- Setting up Google Alerts for key terms
- Commenting on blogs related to our industries
- SEO (search engine optimization) content writing for our websites and for directory listings
- Analyzing and managing banner advertisements on multiple websites
- Google Adwords research
- Affiliate/reseller program management

Candidates should be self-starters who aren’t afraid to share their ideas on how to creatively reach our potential customers. We are looking for a focused, friendly people who are extremely well organized and professional. You will learn a lot, and there is a possibility for paid employment at the conclusion of the internship.


- Paid Internship?: No
- School Credit Available?: No
- Virtual/Telecommuting Offered?: Partial
- Estimated Hours/Week: 10-20
- Timeframe: 6 months+

About Boxador:

We are serial entrepreneurs, and are passionate about thinking up and building the next great software product or web property. Our office environment is relaxed, yet we work hard and expect everyone around us to do the same!


Boxador Inc.
Attn: Margot Bushnaq
8252 ½ Santa Monica Blvd. Suite A
West Hollywood, CA 90046

2. Social Media Internship

Participate in the launch of several new web-based software products! Learn how to leverage the power of the places on the web where people hang out to generate buzz, bring in traffic, and build respected brands.

We are looking for an intern to join our team of entrepreneurs and work side-by-side with our marketing coordinator.  Tasks may include: 
- Maintain a personable and informative Twitter presence for several products
- Use Twitter tools to help increase followers
- Maintain Facebook accounts for several products
- Be creative and proactive to increase Facebook fans
- Participate in discussion groups on LinkedIn
- Brainstorm (and possibly help setup and shoot!) viral videos for YouTube

Candidates should be self-starters who aren’t afraid to share their ideas on how to creatively reach our potential customers. We are looking for a focused, friendly people who can be one of our product “evangelists”. You will learn a lot, and there is a possibility for paid employment at the conclusion of the internship.


Paid Internship?: No
School Credit Available?: No
Virtual/Telecommuting Offered?: Partial
Estimated Hours/Week: 5-15
Timeframe: 6 months+

About Boxador:

We are serial entrepreneurs, and are passionate about thinking up and building the next great software product or web property. Our office environment is relaxed, yet we work hard and expect everyone around us to do the same!


Boxador Inc.
Attn: Margot Bushnaq
8252 ½ Santa Monica Blvd. Suite A
West Hollywood, CA 90046

3. Graphic Design Internship

Participate in the launch of several new web-based software products! Use your creative skills to develop cohesive (and clever) campaigns and build respected brands.

We are looking for an intern to join our team of entrepreneurs and work side-by-side with our head of product development.  Tasks may include: 
- Brainstorm and create sets of static and dynamic banner advertisements
- Design visual elements for our products’ websites
- Develop concept logos
- Manage a library of product screenshots
- Candidates should be self-starters who aren’t afraid to share their ideas on how to creatively reach our potential customers. - - You will learn a lot, and there is a possibility for paid employment at the conclusion of the internship.


Paid Internship?: No
School Credit Available?: No
Virtual/Telecommuting Offered?: Partial
Estimated Hours/Week: 5-10
Timeframe: 6 months+

About Boxador:

We are serial entrepreneurs, and are passionate about thinking up and building the next great software product or web property. Our office environment is relaxed, yet we work hard and expect everyone around us to do the same!


Boxador Inc.
Attn: Margot Bushnaq
8252 ½ Santa Monica Blvd. Suite A
West Hollywood, CA 90046


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Film Positions Available!!

The following positions are currently available for work on feature film :: CHERRI FUTURE. Please post to job board, and pass along to interested students. Let me know if I can provide any additional information!

Thank you~ Colleen


Non-Union Feature Film :: Currently in Production :: Location: Los Angeles


Director of Photography (cameraman)
Production Manager
Production Assistants
Boom Operators

Pay Rate: Film Credits, Copy of Film, Meals
Requirements: High-stamina, Available on short-notice, Enthusiastic


Director: Paul Gervasi
Writer: Paul Gervasi
Exec. Producer: Colleen Sullivan
Co-Exec. Producer:
Supervising Producer:
Format: Digital

This movie is based on the true events of a real L.A. Band. A Rocky-type story, for anyone that ever had a dream and chased after it; from the dive bars and mean streets of L.A., to the Big matter what obstacles, or dire conditions, they never gave up. Your thoughts are your future.

Director/Musician Paul Gervasi, has worked in production/directed multiple music videos with major and unknown recording artists. As founding member of L.A. band - Speedofsound, a four-piece, Nu-Rock group, he and his band are now embarking on their first feature film: CHERRI FUTURE.

The Band ::





Dear F&M Alums and Friends of the Program,

Occidental's Film & Media Studies faculty are sponsoring a series of class-related trips for enrolled students this month. We thought as an alum or friend of the program, you might be interested as well. Feel free to meet us out on the town!

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3: Prof Fox and some students from ArtF 241 Politics and Poetics of Documentary are headed to the Getty Museum to see the photography exhibit Engaged Observers: Documentary Photography Since the Sixties exhibition , followed by a 3 PM screening of Christian Frei's documentary War Photographer, showing as part of the Getty's Witnesses in Action Documentary Series. We'll be going through the exhibit at 1:30 and seeing the screening at 3 PM. Screening is free but reservations required, via the link above.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5: Prof de Fren and her ArtF 245 New Media and the Liberal Arts class are headed to the 7:45 PM screening of The Social Network at the Arclight Hollywood. You're going to see it anyway; meet us there and see it with a group of critical thinkers and media scholars!

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6: Prof. Fox and students from his ArtF 241 Politics and Poetics of Documentary class are headed to LACMA for a screening and artist talk by Hito Steyerl, moderated by UCLA Art History Professor George Baker. Steyer's work straddles the line between fine art and documentary, asking how the circulation and changing meaning of popular imagery affects our understanding of history. The event begins at 7 PM. No reservations necessary.

Hope to see you out in Los Angeles!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Film Registry Show

Sunday, September 26, 7:30 pm

Los Angeles Filmforum presents
The Film Registry Show Returns!
Selections from recent picks by the Library of Congress
At the Spielberg Theater at the Egyptian
6712 Hollywood Blvd. (at Las Palmas)

Every year the Library of Congress selects 25 films to be added to its film registry. Some are well-known; some obscure. Last season Filmforum held the first show of short films selected for the Library of Congress Film Registry. Due to technical difficulties, the sound 16mm films weren't able to be screened, so we've brought them back, along with several other films selected for the Registry, including a couple of home movie classics and several marvelous experimental films.
Filmmaker Janie Geiser, a Filmforum member and maker of THE RED BOOK, will be at the show for questions!

Admission for Filmforum screenings: $10 general, $6 students/seniors, free for Filmforum members
Advance ticket purchase available through Brown Paper Tickets at

"Under the terms of the National Film Preservation Act, each year the Librarian of Congress names 25 films to the registry that are "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant to be preserved for all time. These films are not selected as the "best" American films of all time, but rather as works of enduring importance to American culture.
"Established by Congress in 1989, the National Film Registry spotlights the importance of protecting America's matchless film heritage and cinematic creativity," said [Librarian of Congress James] Billington. "By preserving the nation's films, we safeguard a significant element of our cultural patrimony and history."
"Annual selections to the registry are finalized by the Librarian after his review of hundreds of titles nominated by the public and extensive discussions with members of the National Film Preservation Board, as well as the Library's motion-picture staff. The Librarian urges the public to make nominations for next year's registry at the Film Board's website ("

Descriptions from the Library of Congress announcement except where indicated.

The Sex Life of the Polyp (Thomas Chalmers, Robert Benchley, 1928, 11 min., selected in 2007)
A short film written and performed by Robert Benchley, based on a routine he first did in 1922. The short, which was adapted from an essay by Benchley, documents a dim-witted doctor attempting to discuss the sex life of a polyp to a women's club. This was the second of Benchley's 46 comedy short films. The film was made in the then-new Fox Movietone sound-on-film process.

Quasi at the Quackadero (Sally Cruikshank, 1975, 10 min., color, selected in 2009)
"Quasi at the Quackadero" has earned the term "unique." Once described as a "mixture of 1930s Van Beuren cartoons and 1960s R. Crumb comics with a dash of Sam Flax," and a descendent of the "Depression-era funny animal cartoon," Sally Cruikshank's wildly imaginative tale of odd creatures visiting a psychedelic amusement park careens creatively from strange to truly wacky scenes. It became a favorite of the Midnight Movie circuit in the 1970s. Cruikshank later created animation sequences for "Sesame Street," the 1986 film "Ruthless People" and the "Cartoon Land" sequence in the 1983 film "Twilight Zone: The Movie."
Sally Cruikshank's website:

Disneyland Dream (Robbins Barstow, 1956, 34 min., selected in 2008)
The Barstow family films a memorable home movie of their trip to Disneyland. Robbins and Meg Barstow, along with their children Mary, David and Daniel were among 25 families who won a free trip to the newly opened Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., as part of a "Scotch Brand Cellophane Tape" contest sponsored by 3M. Through vivid color and droll narration ("The landscape was very different from back home in Connecticut"), we see a fantastic historical snapshot of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Catalina Island, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios and Disneyland in mid-1956. Home movies have assumed a rapidly increasing importance in American cultural studies as they provide a priceless and authentic record of time and place.

The Lead Shoes (Sydney Peterson, 1949, 18 minutes, 16mm, b&w, selected in 2009)
"THE LEAD SHOES issued almost totally without flaw ...." - Parker Tyler
"The Lead Shoes" is a dreamlike trance showing the unconscious acts of a disturbed mind through a distorted lens and other abstract visual techniques (such as reverse and stop motion). "Narrative succumbs to the comic devices of inconsequence and illogic," said writer and independent filmmaker Sidney Peterson of his film. Peterson is considered the father of San Francisco avant-garde cinema.

Glimpse of the Garden (Marie Menken, 1957, 5 min., color, sound, selected in 2007)
Soundtrack: birdsong "A lyric, tender, intensely subjective exploration of a flower garden, with extreme magnification, flashing color harmonies." -- Cinema 16 "She deserves the order of the square halo, first class, with harps in diamonds." -- Dwight Ripley (Film-makers Coop)

The Red Book (Janie Geiser, 1994, 11 minutes, 16mm, color, selected in 2009)
Sound design by Beo Morales, engineered at Harmonic Ranch.
Renowned experimental filmmaker and theater/installation artist Janie Geiser's work is known for its ambiguity, explorations of memory and emotional states and exceptional design. She describes "The Red Book" as "an elliptical, pictographic animated film that uses flat, painted figures and collage elements in both two and three dimensional settings to explore the realms of memory, language and identity from the point of view of a woman amnesiac."
Print from Janie Geiser The Red Book was shown as part of the 1996 New Directors / New Films Festival at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The New York Times critic Caryn James wrote: "The Red Book (is) Janie Geiser's beautifully mysterious, animated short. Images appear as in a graceful collage: glimpses of words are written in white vanishing ink; a woman is drawn in outline, as if she were a paper doll made of red construction paper. Everything is red, white, black, or gray in this smashing little film, which has graphic flair and a surrealist edge."
Fred Camper on Janie Geiser and The Red Book:

Scratch and Crow (Helen Hill, 1995, 10 min., 16mm, color, selected in 2009)
Helen Hill's student film was made at the California Institute of the Arts. Consistent with the short films she made from age 11 until her death at 36, this animated short work is filled with vivid color and a light sense of humor. It is also a poetic and spiritual homage to animals and the human soul.
The Helen Hill Collection at Harvard Film Archive:

Think of Me First as a Person (George Ingmire & Dwight Core, Sr., 1960-75, 8 min., selected in 2006)
"Think of Me First as a Person" is an astonishing discovery from the Center for Home Movies and its annual Home Movie Day, where once a year people in cities across the nation bring their home movies to screen. This loving portrait by a father of his son with Down syndrome represents the creativity and craftsmanship of the American amateur filmmaker.

For the screenings at the Egyptian Theater:
Parking is now easiest at the Hollywood & Highland complex. Bring your ticket for validation. Parking is $2 for 4 hours with validation. Enter that complex on Highland or Hollywood. The theater is 1.5 blocks east.

Fall Internships

Mid-Sized Management Company seeks highly motivated, intellectually curious intern. Duties include: production support, general office duties, answering phones, reading and analysis of scripts. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to become a Producer or a Manager. Involvement in Film and Television production and access to Writers, Directors, and Talent while working in a fun environment. Please fax resume to (323) 436-2201 or email to 9/24

Busy boutique talent agency seeks motivated, reliable interns. You should be eager to learn and ready to roll up your sleeves. Must also be focused, able to multi-task in a hectic environment, good with people. Prefer some office experience. May lead to a paid position for the right candidate. E-mail resume and cover letter to re: "Internship Program." 9/24

Production/Management Company in Beverly Hills seeks office interns for the fall season to start immediately. Required availability is two days a week M-F, 9AM-7PM. Duties will range from general office tasks to providing creative input as well as performing research. Applicants should be proficient with Mac and PC computers and be able to handle heavy phones. Unpaid; mileage reimbursed. School credit required. Please send cover letters and resumes as attachments to 9/24

Boutique, below-the-line talent agency looking for a highly motivated intern for the Fall Semester. Duties will include heavy phones, researching films going into production, and keeping our client information updated, in addition to general office manager tasks. Must have a good phone demeanor and be able to work at least 3 days a week. This position is unpaid and for school credit. Please send your resume and cover letter to and put “Internship” in the subject line. 9/24

Production Company (specializing in post work) located in Culver City is looking for interns to work in office at least two days a week. Duties include administrative support including calls, filing, organizing office, doing research, etc. Candidates should be team players, have excellent communication skills (especially on phone), smart, computer savvy, trustworthy and organized. This position is unpaid however college credit is available. E-mail cover letter and resume to: 9/24

Busy boutique talent agency seeks motivated, reliable interns. You should be eager to learn and ready to roll up your sleeves. Must also be focused, able to multi-task in a hectic environment, good with people. Prefer some office experience. May lead to a paid position for the right candidate. E-mail resume and cover letter to re: "Internship Program." 9/24

Scenario, a new literary management and production company, run by former MP/TV lit agents (ICM, APA, & Innovative) and studio/production company development execs, offers interns a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience and earn great references by working with our writers, directors, and creative producers in the story development process doing story analysis, research, and notes. Part-time and full-time positions are available (including optional evening and weekend hours) for this unpaid internship. For more details, email 9/24

Management/Production company is seeking hard working, motivated, quick thinking intern with a passion for film and TV. Small literary management company with top level writers and directors. Very hands on internship. Duties include script coverage, heavy phones, reading tons of scripts, acting as the assistant when needed, and basic office duties. It is a small company, so it is very hands-on and includes one on one time with Managers and producers. This is a part time position. Please email resumes, cover letter, and availability to: 9/21

Sony-based production company is currently seeking hard working, dedicated feature development Interns. Interns will do script, magazine, and book coverage as well as conduct project research while learning the ins and outs of feature film development. Great opportunity to work in a friendly environment. This is a non-paid, school credit internship only. Please email resumes and cover letters with your availability included (please note start and stop dates/days available) to: 9/21
Small, celebrity-driven production company is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated interns. Duties include: project research, script coverage, errands, some phones and other desk work, writer lists, and other general office help. This is a great opportunity for the right person as we are very busy with numerous film and TV projects in development. Since we are a small company, the interns are an integral part of our daily operations. Please send resume and availability to 9/21

Creative affairs internship at leading content creator and owner building innovative franchises in film, television, enterprises and digital media. Responsibilities: Script coverage, story analysis, preparing pitch presentations, assisting development executives in general office work as needed. Opportunity to contribute to a small and prolific production company with TV shows in production at multiple outlets (digital, unscripted and scripted TV). Qualifications: Current student; proficiency in Excel, Powerpoint and Word; ability to work independently; creative; excellent communications skills. Unpaid; school credit available. Email: 9/21

Red Hour Films (Zoolander, Tropic Thunder) is looking for qualified and eager interns. Duties will include reading scripts, answering phones, running errands and providing overall support to executives and assistants. Candidates should have experience with script coverage, have knowledge of the comedy/film world, and be willing to learn. Unpaid but college credit is available. Please email resume, cover letter and sample script coverage 9/21

Madhouse Entertainment is looking for Interns: Great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of development and production in both television and film. Lots of script reading and coverage, in addition to standard office duties (copying, filing, phone, etc.). Looking for candidates who are passionate about entertainment and are hungry to learn all aspects of the business. Please email your resume and cover letter to 9/21

A prominent film and television production company in Santa Monica is seeking a fall intern interested in learning about film and television development and production. Our intern will gain experience in the day-to-day operations of a production company, including learning how to draft coverage on creative properties, participating in set visits, and the opportunity to meet with executives. Candidates must be able to earn academic credit. Send resumes to and reference Fall Internship in the subject line. 9/21

Boutique Management Company, representing actors, is looking for friendly, intelligent interns. Duties would include phones, helping with submissions, scheduling, and light office duties. Candidates should possess outstanding communication skills, be organized multi taskers, have a great attitude, and Mac skills. No actors, please. These are non-paying, part time internships, for school credit only. Email cover letter and/or resume to 9/21

CNIC Talent Management seeks an intern. Be motivated & committed, computer savvy, have your own laptop! Great phone manner and typing skills recommended. Make a strong contribution and grow within a rising company. If the progress and talent is proven you will be front of line for a salaried position. Responsibilities include heavy phones and client interaction, scheduling, filing, etc. Email Cover Letter and Resume – No calls 9/17

Talent Agency Theatrical & Commercial Divisions seek College Interns for School Credit. Ideal for Communications/Marketing/Film & Television majors. Will work closely with Agency reps, Must have good organizational, marketing, verbal, writing skills. PC proficiency preferred. Must commit to minimum 2 days per week. Resume must be text only and inside the email, No attachments. Please send resume to; and title your email "Film/TV/Commercials Agency Talent" (your name)(your city)(your phones). 9/17
A List Rapper/Actor's film production company based in Beverly Hills seeks unpaid interns interested in learning and gaining experience in the film industry. Part-time and full-time welcome. Duties include reading scripts, writing coverage, as well as general administrative duties. Should be Mac capable and have excellent office skills including Microsoft Office.
Send resume/CV to 9/17

Industry Entertainment has an immediate internship opportunity for someone passionate about earning career-making experience and contacts in film and TV, assisting the manager of A-list directors and writers, and with several film and television projects in development. Formed 20 years ago, Industry Entertainment is a leading management/feature and TV production company in Los Angeles. Current enrollment at an accredited institution is mandatory. To apply, email a cover letter and resume, along with availability per week and start/end dates to 9/17

Entertainment Talent Management company looking for interns to read scripts & learn to script coverage. School credit/unpaid internship, but will gain much insight and experience. You'll be reading theatrical scripts, writing coverage, and seeking undiscovered talent. Ideal candidates possess strong verbal/writing skills, an organized and efficient work manner, professionalism, and simply enjoy reading. We're very flexible with your time and create the schedule you need. Send resumes to 9/17

Leading Production company seeks intern (must receive school credit) working directly with the President of Production of the company. Candidate must have a strong desire to work in the entertainment industry and be willing to take direction and excel in a fast paced environment. Duties will include answering phones, scheduling, coverage and some personal errands. Serious inquiries only. Email cover letter and resume to 9/17

River Road Entertainment (Into the Wild, Brokeback Mountain, The Runaways, The Tree of Life) is seeking reliable, enthusiastic fall interns. Responsibilities include: script coverage, projects (writer/director lists, research), and administrative support (phones, copies). Contribute in creative meetings, and learn the development process firsthand. Candidates should have strong interest in feature film development, superior writing skills, and great taste! Send resume, cover letter and coverage samples (if available) to 9/17

Interns needed at Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, an LA-based independent production company/financier (Death at a Funeral, United 93, Breach, The Kite Runner, Adventureland, Lars and the Real Girl). Lots of reading and script analysis, clerical work and research projects. Ideal candidates are outgoing, well-read and have discerning taste and an eagerness to learn. Unpaid, college credit required. Send resume and cover letter to with INTERNSHIP in the title. 9/17

Unpaid intern wanted for Sager Entertainment, Inc. A fast paced, high energy, respected boutique management firm. Duties include, knowledge MAC, heavy phones, great phone manner, to be organized, and professional. This is a great opportunity to learn the entertainment business from the inside. College credit is available. Please send resumes to 9/17

High profile literary management/production company with Oscar winning clientele seeking intern. Will be working in a fast-paced, high-stress environment with A-List literary, producing, and directing talent on current productions and projects in development. Phones, filing, heavy script coverage, etc. The intern will be involved in learning the literary world from books, teleplays to screenplays. Perfect for someone looking to learn more about development and representation on the management side. School credit available. Email resume and cover letter as attachments to 9/17

A major film production company, based out of Santa Monica, CA, is looking for interns for the current semester. Internship responsibilities include script coverage, industry research, covering phones and desks, and general office assistance. The internship is unpaid and for school credit only, but we offer a more personal experience in a supportive environment and appreciate love/passion for film. Please send resumes to 9/17

Producers on the Sony lot looking for interns. Basic administrative responsibilities, with strong emphasis in development so includes heavy reading and coverage. Not your basic internship - we're a small operation, so intern input is highly valued and you'll have constant interaction with producers. Looking for interns who can commit to at least one full day a week. Internship is unpaid. Send resumes & coverage samples (if available) to 9/17

Top reality/documentary production company in Studio City, seeks creative students for a fall internship. Editing and/or graphic design skills are helpful, but not necessary. Duties include: assisting the development department in all aspects of programming, from paper to production. This is a great opportunity to learn about TV Production from the inside - creating show ideas, writing treatments and researching concepts. Please include a cover letter, resume (include any past internships or jobs related to television), and a letter of recommendation. Please send materials to

Production/Post-Production company has opening for one Intern for the fall semester. Applicant should have a strong interest in learning the business side of film, school credit is a must, resumes to 9/14

Part-time Unpaid Internships available at Marvel Studios (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk). Currently seeking applicants for Fall 2010. Interns must receive course credit. Responsibilities include assisting front desk and various departments within the office, project research, filing, faxing, photocopying, and other office duties. Prior knowledge of the Marvel Universe and its various properties is a definite plus. A proficiency in the Adobe Suite (Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator) and Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel) is not required but preferred. Please email to: Attn: Internship Coordinator. No calls please. 9/14

Worldwide independent film distribution company seeking organized, driven, and articulate sales interns to start immediately.
We are looking for someone who can get on the phone with international companies to pitch films. Multi-lingual is a definite plus. Preferred languages are Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin. Great opportunity to learn the ''business'' of film. Non-paying, school credit available. 3-5 days/week. Flexible with schedules. Email cover letters and resume to 9/14

MarVista Entertainment, a television production and international distribution company, seeks interns for the Production department. Duties include heavy reading, coverage, and general office maintenance. Must have own laptop and reliable transportation. This is for college credit only. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to get into development. Send cover letter, resume, and sample coverage to 9/14
Worldwide film production, finance and sales company based in West Hollywood seeks interns interested in learning about global theatrical marketplace. Focus is on presales, financing, and festivals. Part-time and full-time welcome. Business school students encouraged to apply. Should be Mac capable and have excellent office skills including Microsoft Office.
Must be receiving credit. Send resume to 9/14

Fuse Entertainment (Burn Notice, The Good Guys) currently seeks reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated intern for the Fall 2010 semester. Interns will get to be hands on and are encouraged to ask questions and contribute creatively. Responsibilities include: clerical support, phones, script coverage and research. Candidates should have strong interest in television development and MUST be receiving school credit. Previous knowledge of script coverage is appreciated but not required. Unpaid. No calls please. Please send resumes and cover letters to 9/14

Internship position in a production office. Looking for someone who is able to write coverage, sense of market, capable of reading a budget, line producer experience. Strong writing skills. Assistant experience needed. Strong work ethic. Day to day would be heavy reading script and writing coverage. Room for growth. Please email with resume and cover letter. 9/14

Intern needed for Rumpus Entertainment. Rumpus is the production company of director Steve Carr (Paul Blart: Mall Cop). Candidate should have strong story skills and passion for broad comedy. Duties include: reading, coverage, notes, research, filing, and miscellaneous office duties. Unpaid internship. Send resumes to 9/14
Busy independent film sales company looking for highly motivated intern. Tasks include assisting the President and VP, especially during film markets, script coverage, basic office duties including filing, research, data entry and creating materials for distributors. Applicants should be computer literate, well spoken, organized and have the ability to multitask. Internship allows for small stipend depending on hours worked. Please send cover letter and resume to 9/14

Authentic Entertainment, a busy reality television production company producing such hit shows as Flipping Out, Ace of Cakes and Toddlers and Tiaras is looking for motivated interns. Duties include assisting with research, development and production. Internships are unpaid. Must be highly organized, reliable and receive school credit. Looking to fill positions immediately. Please email cover letter and resume to with “intern applicant (your name)” in the subject. 9/14

Paramount Pictures is looking for a fall marketing Intern. Responsibilities include: Creating compilation reels, copying DVDs, participating/taking notes in creative meetings. Must be a hard worker, resourceful, detail-oriented and have excellent follow through. Must be enrolled in a Bachelors or Masters Degrees program at an accredited institution. Must be able to commit 20 hours/week. Interested candidates must submit a resume/CV to be considered. This is a paid internship. Please submit a cover letter and resume to 9/14

Development Interns needed at Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Motion Pictures (credits include the upcoming AMC series “The Walking Dead”, “Incredible Hulk”, “Armageddon", “Terminator 1 & 2”, “Aliens”, etc). Duties include script coverage and research on active projects, as well as general administrative. Looking for people that can start ASAP, as well as this Fall. Must have previous intern experience to be considered. Send resumes to 9/14

IndieVest Pictures is seeking interns for 2-3 days a week starting late September/early October. Duties include reading scripts, writing coverage, and general administrative tasks. This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to all aspects of the filmmaking process. Ideal candidates should be students enrolled in a college or university with excellent writing skills. This is an unpaid internship. Please send a brief cover letter and resume to 9/14

Strong Management seeks interns to start immediately. Duties include phones, research, covering breakdowns, filing, coordinating appointments. Interns must have reliable transportation and a positive, hard-working attitude. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to learn about the management business. Please send cover letters and resumes to: 9/14

Myriad Pictures, a Santa Monica based development, production and film sales company is looking for interns. Tasks include reading, coverage, participation in weekend read meetings, general office duties, etc. Applicants should be motivated, detail-oriented, and proficient in MS Office. This is an incredible opportunity to experience multiple aspects of the film industry. Internship is unpaid. Participants MUST be eligible for academic credit. Hiring immediately. Flexible schedule. Apply to 9/14