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Internships with the Institute for Humane Studies!

The following programs are offered by the Institute for Humane Studies, an organization founded in 1961 that supports students who value individual liberty.

IHS Journalism Internship Program
Paid journalism internships for talented writers who support free markets, individual rights, and peace. Opportunities at nonprofit newsrooms, major media networks, newspapers, and new media sites. Applicants may also apply for funding for internships secured on their own. Program includes a stipend plus housing and travel assistance, and a seminar on freedom of the press. Apply by November 15 for spring and by January 31 for summer.

Public Policy Internships: Paid summer internships at more than 100 think tanks and policy organizations across the US. A comprehensive program that includes two career workshops in Washington, DC, and weekly lectures by academics and policy professionals. Professional guidance on writing policy pieces and interviewing. Stipend plus housing and travel assistance. Apply by January 31.

Humane Studies Fellowships: Awards of up to $15,000 for graduate students and outstanding undergraduates pursuing academic careers whose work advances a free society. Recent award winners are studying topics such as the relationship between utopianism and liberalism and the concept of civility in 17th Century Anglo-American political thought. Apply by December 31.

If you would like additional information or have questions, please let me know!


Cinémathèque is the term coined by French fans of films who would gather to watch older films back before such films were available on VHS or DVD.  Oxy’s Film & Media Studies Program in AHVA has run a cinémathèque series for many years; this year the screenings have been selected by Seniors majoring in Film & Media Studies, who will also introduce each screening and give a brief discussion of how the film or television episode fits into their Senior Comps project.  This is an excellent opportunity to see some great screenings and hear from a Senior about the research process.
all in Johnson 200 at 7:00pm unless mentioned.

CSP 99 Starred event:
Presenter: Charles Burnett, director of Killer of Sheep
Date: 9/20
Title Presentation: Politics and Aesthetics of Filmmaking Outside of Hollywood
No Film, just clips

Presenter: Tara Daley (’11)
Date: 9/27
Show: Mad Men, 2007, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (episode 1) and Ladies Room(episode 2), Creator Matthew Weiner
Title of Presentation: Scotch on the Rocks with a Splash of Nostalgia: A Critical Look at Mad Men

Presenter: Anne Kelly (’11)
Date: 10/11
Film: Rear Window, 1954, Alfred Hitchcock
Title of Presentation: A Long Shot: Deep Focus and Color in Rear Window

Presenter: Sarah Frantz (’11)
Date: 10/25
Film: Halloween, 1978, John Carpenter
Title of Presentation: Removing the Mask: Gender in Halloween (presentation at 6:30)

Presenter: Olivia York (’11)
Date: 11/8
Shows: An Episode of Dallas (1978) and an episode of The OC (2005)
Title of Presentation: Drama in the Evening

Presenter: Cara Pardo (’11)
Date: 11/15
Film: Big Fish (2003), Tim Burton
Red Fish, Blue Fish: Color and Production Design in Big Fish

Presenter: Kristine Chong (’11)
Date: 11/22 
Music Videos: Telephone (Lady Gaga, 2010), Thriller (Michael Jackson, 1982)
Title of Presentation: From MTV to YouTube: Deconstructing the Narratives and Formal Elements of 'Thriller' and 'Telephone'

Richter Project Application Process

Please encourage your stellar, creative students who are juniors to apply for research abroad (Richter) fellowships for summer 2011:  As a reminder, the research abroad proposal process is a guided process and students and faculty supervisors receive feedback from the Off-Campus Study Committee at multiple points during the process.  The deadlines for summer 2011 are:

Monday, October 11, Part I 
Monday, November 22, Part II 
Monday, February 7, Final 

Monday, September 13, 2010



Entries invited for the 4th Annual Sparky Awards
Washington, DC – The importance of the student stake in opening up access to scholarly research will be highlighted in Open Up! – the fourth installment of the annual Sparky Awards student video contest, announced today. Calling on students to articulate their views in a two-minute video, the contest has been embraced by campuses all over the world and has inspired imaginative expressions of student support for the potential of Open Access to foster creativity, innovation, and problem solving.

Open Access is free, immediate, online access to the published results of scholarly research, combined with the rights we need to be able to use and re-use them in the ways we want in the digital space. Students have been leaders in the creative re-use, remix, and mash-up of material across the digital realm, and have a fair expectation that scholarly research should be equally, legally accessible to help advance their scholarship and ensure the quality of their education.

Students are uniquely positioned to advance Open Access. Through their publishing, copyright, and policy choices, students – along with faculty and administrators – can make Open Access to institutional research outputs and wider access to the whole scholarly record a reality – today.

Open Up! calls on students to let the world know they support Open Access and to say why. This year, entries are invited to four categories:

1. Animation – Drop into the media lab and master that illustration software!

2. Speech – Just say how it is. Skip the fancy editing and use your 120 seconds to tell campus viewers in your own eloquent words why Open Access matters to you.

3. Remix – Mix it up. Re-use video, music, images and remix with your own content to create your unique vision of the importance of Open Access. Content must be re-used legally.

4. People’s Choice – The People choose! Sparky Award entries are opened up for public vote.

Winners will receive an iPad, iPhone, or iPod and a fabulous "Sparky Award" statuette. The award-winning videos will be announced in conjunction with the American Library Association Annual Conference and a Campus MovieFest Regional Finale, and will be widely publicized by the sponsoring organizations at public events across North America throughout the year.

The Sparky Awards are an opportunity for faculty to enhance fall and spring classes, as well as for libraries to promote services -- including media services or information commons, where students can edit video, browse media, work collaboratively, and develop a good understanding of copyright. Libraries everywhere are encouraged to host local installments of the contest.

Entries in the international Sparky Awards competition are now being accepted and must be received by 12:00AM Eastern time on May 27, 2011. To be eligible, videos must be freely available on the Internet and available for use under a Creative Commons License.

The Sparky Awards are organized by SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and co-sponsored by: the Association of College and Research Libraries, the Association of Research Libraries, Campus MovieFest, the Center for Social Media, the New Media Consortium (NMC), the Open Video Alliance, Penn Libraries, Students for Free Culture, the Student PIRGs, and SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition).

For full details, visit the Sparky Awards Web site at <> .

THE SPARKY AWARDS are organized and sponsored by SPARC (Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), an alliance of academic libraries and research institutions working to build on the opportunities created by the networked digital environment to advance the conduct of scholarship. Membership in SPARC is open to libraries of all sizes. For more information, visit

Nancy E. Reeves, CMP
Director, Member Services

The New Media Consortium
6101 West Courtyard Dr.
Building One, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78730
512-445-4205 fax <>


Celebrating 15 Years Family Theater Productions Presents Angelus Student Film Festival 2010SEPT 2010

Saturday, September 18
Directors Guild of America, Hollywood

Award Winning Screenings & Presentations
hosted by Chris Balish (ON THE RED CARPET, ABC-TV)
5:30 p.m.

2:30 p.m. Angelus Showcase Films
Echoes, Sing Me to Sleep, Imaginary Circumstances, Our Neck of the Woods, Kunjo
4:30 p.m. Wine and Cheese Reception, Atrium
5:30 p.m. Screening of Winners and Presentations
Swing, Heart, Old Immigrants Dance, The Road Home, Achille, Jeremy, God of Love

For more information visit »

Volunteer at the 2010 Screenwriting Expo

The 2010 Screenwriting Expo
Hilton LAX Hotel
5711 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90045
Oct. 7-10, 2010

Call For Volunteers

Click Or Cut And Paste The Link At the Bottom Of This Page
To Sign Up To Be A 2010 Screenwriting Expo Volunteer

Would you like to volunteer for a day at the 2010 Screenwriting Expo and attend the rest of the Expo with free registration and free tickets to seminars? Here's how...

What We Expect Of You And What You Will Receive:
Be Sure To Read These Terms And Details

As a Screenwriting Expo volunteer, you will receive:
– A free Basic Pass to the Expo ($99.95 value).
– Free tickets to $6 seminars.
– Free one-year Creative Screenwriting subscription; free Screenwriting Expo T-shirt.
– Right to buy all other event tickets.

The Expo will not reimburse volunteers for lunch or parking. Some drinks and snacks will be provided. Parking at the hotel is $14/day for Expo registrants. You can find parking within short walking distance of the hotel for $8.82 a day, possibly lower, at this page:

The $8.82 online rate was quoted at Airport Center, 5959 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90045.
Advance purchase might be required. There may be lower rates in the area; check the site above.

We will expect you to:
– Complete the form at the link below by Sept. 10, 2010
– Attend any required training and orientation sessions.
– Work one full eight-hour day before, at, or after the Expo You are welcome to work more.
– Be on time for your work day.
– Have a cell phone with you, and give us the phone number.
– Wear the “uniform” (an Expo T-shirt and "Volunteer" badge ribbon) while on duty.
– Be professional and courteous at all times, of course.
– We reserve the right to revoke the badge of any volunteer for inappropriate behavior.

When and how you can expect to hear from us:

We will begin contacting and organizing volunteers in early-mid September. We will not be able to give you any guarantee or information before then on whether your scheduling needs and ours are a good match. The answer is very likely "Yes," but that is not a promise.

Top Priority Is A Mix Of New And Experienced Volunteers

One of the purposes of offering free registrations to volunteers is to provide a means of entry for those who truly cannot afford the price of an Expo registration. Another of our goals is to provide an opportunity for new volunteers who have never been to the Expo before.

However, we also seek to ensure that the volunteer staff is capable and collectively has a body of knowledge based on experience.

Therefore, we seek a mix of new and experienced volunteers.

If you are planning to attend in any case, you should go ahead and buy your registration and tickets. Buying your registration and tickets guarantees your place in the "electronic line" for pitch tickets and events. If you are selected as a volunteer, we will refund your registration fees and $5/$6 seminar tickets. Your receipt of this email is NOT a guarantee that you will be accepted as a volunteer.

Green Room and VIP Staffing–Additional Note:

Staffing VIPs requires special diplomatic skills. Please cite your experience at this kind of work if you ask to be considered for it.

Also, if you envision a Green Room monitor job as a chance to chat with VIPs about moviemaking, get an autograph, or pitch your script, please do yourself a big favor, and DO NOT volunteer for that duty. One of the most important duties of a Green Room staff person is to shield VIPs from that behavior. If we find that a volunteer is doing any of these things with a VIP, the volunteer will be discharged from the Expo.

Ready to volunteer? Click or cut and paste this link to go to the signup form:

Volunteer questions or comments? Please write to

If you're not interested in volunteering, but want to learn about the Screenwriting Expo, visit this page: