Monday, November 15, 2010

Documentary Screenings

KASA (Korean American Student Alliance) is collaborating with LiNK
(Liberty in North Korea) to show the documentary "Hiding - Exposing
the Life of North Korean Refugees Living in China."

About 300,000 North Koreans fled to neighboring China in search for
food, work, and freedom. In China, over 80% become trafficked and
children become orphaned or "stateless" with no paperwork or
protection. As refugees must remain in hiding from Chinese authorities
who will send them back, North Koreans flee again to Southeast Asia
where they seek asylum or resettlement to safe countries such as South
Korea or the US.

The documentary "Hiding" captures the lives of North Korean refugees
after they have fled the country. Film Screening will be followed by
Q&A session by Nomads (North Korean refugees).

When: Wed. Nov. 17th - 7pm
Where: Mosher 1

This event is also co-sponsored by Departments of DWA, Politics, Asian
Studies, and ISO.

Please come join us, and learn more about Human rights issues that
might be related to your field of study.

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