Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CatAList Oxy Student TV Staff Openings

Hello everyone,
CatAList is looking to fill three senior staff positions. If you’re interested in taking on a role, see which of the available positions fits your interests and skill set.
Available positions:

-Assistant Editor
For any aspiring filmmakers, this is a tremendous opportunity to work with our Chief editor in putting the weekly episodes together.  You’ll be corralling the segments each week and putting them together in preparation for the Monday release online and in the Tiger Cooler.

-Assistant Web Designer
Our Senior Web Designer is a senior and will be looking to pass on the baton to a protégé. The position does require a little bit of existing web design knowledge. However, our senior designer will be taking you under his wing and showing you the ins and outs of our website and how to maintain it.

-Commercial Director
Commercial director is in charge of working with 1 campus group or organization a week in conceptualizing and bringing to fruition a 45-second commercial that will air on the network.  This would be a perfect opportunity for someone that is immersed in creativity and is a good communicator.
Note: Although not a senior staff position, we are also looking for a host and filmmaker to join the staff and go forward for an idea we have for a new segment. Whether you want to be in front or behind the camera, both are viable options for a novice who wants to get their feet wet in either arena of acting and filmmaking.  
Please be cognizant that these positions do require a weekly commitment and will require your diligence for a few hours a week. With that said, we are a pretty awesome nucleus and the experience of working on a media staff is rewarding in every sense. Email catalist@oxy.edu if you interested. 

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