Friday, September 24, 2010

Oxy Cinematheque This Monday 9/27 - MAD MEN

"The critically acclaimed drama, Mad Men, premiered on AMC in 2007. With detail-oriented, sharply retro aesthetics and complex characters, the show, now in the midst of its fourth season, has garnered quite the fan following. Though the show may be slow moving, and has characters with despicable motives and insatiable vices, fans have developed an equally insatiable appetite for Mad Men. The show’s remarkably superficial appearance and lucrative advertising raises a question of who the slickest Mad Men really are -- Draper’s cohorts or the marketing team at AMC."

THIS MONDAY, as part of the Oxy Cinematheque series, senior Tara Daley will be showing two episodes of Mad Men & presenting “Scotch on the Rocks with a Splash of Nostalgia: A Critical Look at Mad Men”, her look into the hottest show on television. It’s at 7pm in Johnson Hall.

Please be sure to come!

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