Thursday, September 16, 2010


Cinémathèque is the term coined by French fans of films who would gather to watch older films back before such films were available on VHS or DVD.  Oxy’s Film & Media Studies Program in AHVA has run a cinémathèque series for many years; this year the screenings have been selected by Seniors majoring in Film & Media Studies, who will also introduce each screening and give a brief discussion of how the film or television episode fits into their Senior Comps project.  This is an excellent opportunity to see some great screenings and hear from a Senior about the research process.
all in Johnson 200 at 7:00pm unless mentioned.

CSP 99 Starred event:
Presenter: Charles Burnett, director of Killer of Sheep
Date: 9/20
Title Presentation: Politics and Aesthetics of Filmmaking Outside of Hollywood
No Film, just clips

Presenter: Tara Daley (’11)
Date: 9/27
Show: Mad Men, 2007, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (episode 1) and Ladies Room(episode 2), Creator Matthew Weiner
Title of Presentation: Scotch on the Rocks with a Splash of Nostalgia: A Critical Look at Mad Men

Presenter: Anne Kelly (’11)
Date: 10/11
Film: Rear Window, 1954, Alfred Hitchcock
Title of Presentation: A Long Shot: Deep Focus and Color in Rear Window

Presenter: Sarah Frantz (’11)
Date: 10/25
Film: Halloween, 1978, John Carpenter
Title of Presentation: Removing the Mask: Gender in Halloween (presentation at 6:30)

Presenter: Olivia York (’11)
Date: 11/8
Shows: An Episode of Dallas (1978) and an episode of The OC (2005)
Title of Presentation: Drama in the Evening

Presenter: Cara Pardo (’11)
Date: 11/15
Film: Big Fish (2003), Tim Burton
Red Fish, Blue Fish: Color and Production Design in Big Fish

Presenter: Kristine Chong (’11)
Date: 11/22 
Music Videos: Telephone (Lady Gaga, 2010), Thriller (Michael Jackson, 1982)
Title of Presentation: From MTV to YouTube: Deconstructing the Narratives and Formal Elements of 'Thriller' and 'Telephone'

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