Friday, September 3, 2010

Oxy CatAList TV Network Seeking Filmmakers!

From Raffy Cortina '13:

Hey Guys,

Beginning next week we will be starting up CatAlist TV Network in its inaugural season. For those of you that already know about CatAlist, we will be looking for filmmakers to work with Oxy students to help make their idea for a segment come to fruition. For those of you that have not heard of this, please follow this link to an article in last years' Weekly that does an exceptional job of putting everything in focus (Click Here). We have a handful of people on campus that want to be the face of a show, but don't know a lick about filmmaking. So my job is to couple these students with you (the people that know whats what behind the camera). Also, If you want your own show and want to wear all the hats, that's great too. Please email me directly if you are interested in contributing in anyway; we could use all the help we can get as we try to build the backbone of this network.

There will be a lot of editing opportunities as well as graphic design if that is of anyone's particular interest. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL, FEEL FREE TO SHOOT ME AN EMAIL. The first official episode will be released on September 20th. Lets get the ball rolling!


Head of Production

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