Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Allison de Fren wins 2010 Pioneer Award

Science Fiction Research Association 2010 Award Winners Announced:

The SFRA has announced Dr. Allison de Fren, incoming Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies, as the winner of the 2010 Pioneer Award for the most outstanding science fiction studies essay of the year.

Dr. de Fren's essay "The Anatomical Gaze in Tomorrow's Eve," was published in the July 2009 issue of SCIENCE FICTION STUDIES and resonates with her forthcoming feature-length documentary THE MECHANICAL BRIDE, which explores the cultural desire to create the perfect woman in science fiction fantasy and the current-day reality of gendered robotics and sexual animatronics.

Dr. de Fren will join the Art History and Visual Arts faculty, teaching new media theory and practice in fall, 2010.

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jillsjournal said...

Wow, Allison, I'm really impressed! Look forward to seeing your film.
--Jill (The Outlaw)