Wednesday, November 18, 2009

31st College Television Awards

=== Academy of Television Arts & Sciences ===   

31st College Television Awards Call for Entries
Loreen Arbus Focus on Disability Scholarship

Open to Student Producers currently enrolled in a
U.S. College, University or Community College

Thanks to a special partnership with the Loreen Arbus Foundation, the Loreen Arbus Focus on Disability Scholarship - a $10,000 award - was created to recognize student filmmakers who:

  *  shed light on people with disabilities
  * help emerging artists within this community gain recognition
  * increase visibility for artists with disabilities

This award will be given to a STUDENT writer, producer or director who is disabled,
to a STUDENT producer whose piece focuses on people with disabilities,
or to a piece that features a person with a disability as one of the main characters.

JANUARY 13, 2010

For rules and guidelines and to submit your work, go to and click on College TV Awards.

Categories include: Animation, Children's, Comedy, Commercial, Documentary, Drama, Interactive Media, Magazine, Music (Best Composition), Music (Best Use), Newscast Series - Narrative and new this year, Loreen Arbus Focus on Disability Scholarship

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