Monday, September 14, 2009

Screenwriting Competition - One Week Left to Enter

The CyberSpace Open

The Reimagined CS Open Scene-Writing Competition

 Write three 5-page scenes fast.  Win $3,000. 
 It costs just $12 to enter.

Only ONE WEEK Left to Enter - Deadline on 9/16!

First Round: Write One Scene The Weekend Of Sept. 18-21 -- Write From Anywhere, Submit Online.  

For information or to enter, click here.

The Prizes:

Grand Prize Is $3,000, plus... 
Industry Recognition As A Top Creative Writer On A Deadline

Second Prize $500; Third Prize $250  

Enter In advance only, by Midnight Pacific Time Sept. 16, 2009. 


The Cyberspace Open is an elimination tournament much like the original CS Open.  To win, you need to survive three eliminations by writing three five-page scenes from premises we will give you.  The finals will be held at the Screenwriting Expo, but you can write from anywhere, on a computer, and submit on line.  You do not need to be present at the Expo to win.  The Cyberspace Open is...


Three Rounds.  Three Scenes.

Three Deadlines -- Each Tighter Than The Last:


Each round offers a different real-life scriptwriting scenario (All times are Pacific US Time):


Round One:


We send every entrant  the same premise and set of characters by email at or slightly before 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 18, 2009.  The premise will also be posted above on this page where indicated in case you don't get the email.  


Contestants  will have an entire weekend, until 9 AM Monday Sept. 21, to write and submit one final version of one five-page scene on line. 


Then, judges will grade each scene.  Entrants will receive feedback and a score from a judge by email.


The 100 highest-scoring scenes advance to Round Two.


Round Two:     


The 100 writers who survive the first round will receive a new premise at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009.   


They will have until 9 a.m. the next morning, Friday, Oct. 2, to write and submit that new five-page scene.  


Again, the judges will grade each scene.  Each semifinalist will receive feedback and a score from a judge by email.  The 10 highest-scoring writers will advance to Round Three.


Round Three:


The 10 semifinalists will receive a new premise for a new 5-minute scene on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2009, at or just before 11 AM.  It will be delivered by email and posted on this page.   Semifinalists will have only 90 minutes beginning at 11 AM Pacific Time to turn in a five-page scene.    


Semifinalists who are attending the Expo have two choices on how to enter.  They can go to the Cybepace Open writing room and write longhand (just as in the original CS Open), or write with their laptops from any location and either upload their entries or turn them in at the Cyberspace Open room.




Judging up until the finals is by professional judges/script readers.  The three final scenes will be performed live by professional actors before the audience at the Expo Closing Ceremony.  The audience will decide the winners.


For information or to enter, click here. 

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