Thursday, January 29, 2009

Summer Reseach Program

Students: Each summer more than 100 students from all departments on
campus engage in independent research with a faculty mentor as part of
the Occidental Summer Research Program. Students must submit a research
proposal and other documents, including a letter of support from the
faculty mentor, by 5:00 pm on Friday, February 13, 2009. Information
about this exciting program amd details about the application process
are available at

Some FAQs:
What are the dates for the Summer Research Program?
May 26 through July 31

I want to do research, but I don't have a project in mind. What
should I do?
Talk to your advisor, or to another professor with whom
you are familiar, or whose research interests you. Visit the Special
Collections section of the library and check out some of the resources
available--you might find something that inspires you. Attend the
Physics Phestival at 4:30 tomorrow, 1/22 in HSC 004 to meet Physics
Profs and get some ideas. Check out the URC website
( to see projects
from prior years.

I have an idea for a great project, but I can't find a mentor.
Now what?
You must find a permanent faculty member who will be
available throughout the summer to serve as your mentor. If you're not
sure who to approach, talk to your advisor, the chair of the department
where you hope to work, or any other faculty you know and ask for
suggestions. You can also approach any member of the SRP Advisory
Committee ( for

I am studying abroad and won't return until after the SRP
begins. Can I still do research?
Yes. While we generally require a ten week commitment,
students enrolled in a study abroad program that ends after May 26 may
apply and if selected, can prorate their time and stipend.

Can I go to summer school or work another job and do my research
at night and on weekends?
No. Summer Research is a full time commitment and
outside work or class is not permitted. In certain cases, exceptions
can be made for up to 10 hours/week of outside effort, but students must
meet with the URC director to discuss this and obtain approval.

We will also have an informal meeting to provide information and answer
questions on Thursday, Jan. 29 at noon in the Green Family Dining Room
of JSC.

Please join us if you are interested in research this summer, or drop by
the URC office in Johnson Hall 100.

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