Saturday, August 9, 2008

How to use this blog

If you have no idea how a blog works, here is a quick rundown of the features on this blog.

The left hand column, where you are reading this, is where all the information will appear. The newest posts will be at the top and the older posts will be underneath. The first page will only have a week’s worth of blog posts. If you are looking for something that was posted more than a week ago then you have to look to the blog archive. Each post has a header. If you click on this header it will open up a new section of the blog, which only has that post. This allows you to see the post and all the comments that people have written about it.

Comments. Anyone can comment on any post written on here. This can be helpful if you would like to further discuss a post or if there are updates/more information to what is written. All you do is click the link that says comments under the post and a page will pop up with the option to comment.

The right hand column houses three categories. The first is "Film Links" This contains any links that are helpful to all of us in the film department. The next is "Navigation" This is a very helpful tool once there are many posts to the blog. Each post will have a set of labels. These labels will be found under the navigation. For example, if you wanted to see any updates for student projects you would click on the student projects link. This will show you every post dealing with student projects and nothing else. The last box in this column is "Blog Archive." Here you can go week by week and find past posts. It uses a drop down menu and shows the titles of all the posts. If you were looking for something that happened a few weeks ago then you can either use the navigation tool if you know the category it is under, or you can look to the Blog Archive and search through all the posts.

You might notice a small number at the bottom of the blog. This is a counter, which shows how many people have viewed the blog. This will be used to see how often people are using this resource. If people are constantly checking back here for updates and information then the blog will be updated regularly; if, however, the blog is only looked at once and a while, I will not update as often.

I hope this space can grow and become something we all use daily!

New Blog!

Welcome to the new Occidental film blog. This is a resource for everyone involved with film at Oxy, whether you’re a major, a professor, or just interested in what’s going on with the entertainment side of the college.

Here we can discus various updates, news about upcoming filming, and communicate to others about crewing, etc. This space is for us and for us to use to the fullest.

If you have anything you would like posted or any questions about this site please contact Jeven Dovey at