Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ivy Film Festival

Greetings from the Ivy Film Festival!

As publicity coordinators of the 2009 season, we are proud to announce the dates for this year's festival. This year's festival will take place from April 10 to 12, at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. We are currently open for submissions from all university-level filmmakers and screenwriters.

As the largest completely student-run festival in the world, the Ivy Film Festival provides undergraduate and graduate filmmakers from around the world with a quality venue for their work, encouraging and rewarding their creative efforts. We offer opportunities for filmmakers to learn from one another, and expose them to the expertise and experience of talented industry professionals. The festival assists exceptional student filmmakers and screenwriters in attaining the recognition their work deserves. We present selected films and screenplays to a wide audience, and a panel of celebrity judges (including directors, producers, writers, and agents) views the best selections from the festival. Winning filmmakers and screenwriters receive prizes that aid them in their continuous pursuit of their art.

The Ivy Film Festival attracts a number of industry leaders and luminaries. Past guests have included Doug Liman, John Cho, Chan-wook Park, Adrian Brody, and Wes Craven, just to name a few. Last year, in 2008, we had the privilege of hosting both Tim Rothman and Martin Scorcese. In addition, the Ivy Film Festival has also showed advanced screenings of a wide range of films, including: *Eagle vs. Shark* (2007)*, **Brick* (2006), *Half Nelson *(2006), *Murderball *(2005), and *Supersize Me* (2004).

Submission season has already begun and we are currently accepting films and screenplays. Please submit your films (short or feature length) and/or screenplays (short or long form) to the 2009 Ivy Film Festival online at or through the mail (visit for more details). The deadlines are as follows:

*Regular deadline (December 31, 2008): *
First film submission - $20
Additional submissions - $10

*Late deadline (February 14, 2009):*
First film submission - $30
Additional submissions - $15

*Without A Box Extended deadline (February 21, 2009):*
First film submission - $45
Additional submissions - $20

Please visit for

more information and festival updates.

If you have any questions or concerns about submissions or the festival, feel free to contact us at We look forward to receiving your films and screenplays!

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