Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Assistant Job - Vector Picture Studios

Looking for a dedicated, savvy assistant for a machinima recording session
on Saturday Nov 15th in South Pasadena.

We have 9 actors coming to record the voice parts for a 20 webisode-to-DVD
series which will be shot inside Second Life and distributed on the web
during 2009.

It's the story of a demon fighter who tries to bottle up the demons who
plague her father into the online world of Second Life. But she becomes
trapped inside with them and must fight her way out.

More about the project can be found at

I need someone to supervise the script during our all-day recording session
to take notes, watch the time, and make sure we get everything. We'll be
starting at 8:30 am and hopefully will be done by 6:30. There's modest pay
available. This is the voice session, but there might be other work down the

Please contact Vector Hastings at (626) 310-7710 or at

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