Thursday, October 9, 2008

Google/YouTube Seeks Video Editors for NoOn8 Marriage Equality Campaign

WIth the election less than a month away, the tide is suddenly turning sour in the fight to keep California's definition of marriage open to same sex couples. Proposition 8 would amend the California Constitution to annul al existing same sex marriages and permanently ban the possibility of other such future unions. Where California goes is historically a standard bearer for the rest of the country. A defeat here in America's supposedly most liberal state would mean a severe and irreparable blow for civil rights.

YouTube and its corporate parent Google are teaming up in these last days before the campaign to counter a barrage of paid right wing media advertisements with free counter-media against Prop 8 produced and distributed by college students on YouTube. But we need your help! Not next week, not even tomorrow. Now!

This is a great opportunity to see the popular and political power of non-corporate media play a role in social change. Get involved! If you have access to a computer and editing software, e-mail today and join the free media production team. Put it on your resume. Use it as a class assignment. Show off your production skills in a public forum where thousands of citizens will be watching. Know that you were a part of history.

CONTACT: Candy S. Cox right away to get involved and get editing!

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